Small Groups at XRC

XRC Groups are a great opportunity for people to experience life together in a small group setting. We believe that Christian spiritual growth happens in the context of relationships. We want what happens on Sundays to continue during the week. We understand that not one style of group fits all, so we have a variety of groups for you to try. We have groups for men, women, couples & families. We also have a bilingual group as well as a recovery group.

To get connected or get more information, you can contact Meghann Totherow, administrative assistant and small groups coach, at 

Why join a small group?

One question that people ask is why should they join a small group? You may think that coming to church on Sunday morning is enough, and you don't want to commit to spending another couple of hours with people from church. But Sunday morning service is not enough to deepen your faith. While the service and message on Sundays are important, it is also important to connect with the community of believers. You need Christian friends who will support you and challenge you to become the person God has called you to be. You need to surround yourself with people who love Jesus and love you enough to spur you on. This is why Groups is one of the 5Gs here at XRC. We want you connected to a group that will help you grow. Below is a short video from one of our Owners. In this video, he talks about the atmosphere at XRC, but he also talks about how small groups changed his walk with God.