What is Ownership?

At XRC, we don't just want names on a roster. We want people to who are committed to our church and to our vision. Several years ago, we started a discipleship journey called Owners. We think of it like home ownership. When you own a home, you are responsible for it, and you do certain things to make sure it stays in a good condition. Whereas, if you rent something or just live in a home, typically you do not feel responsible for it. At XRC, our Owners have some responsibilities. These responsibilities come from the 5Gs, which are our church's core values- Growth, Groups, Gifts, Generosity, and Go. Below is a short video from a family in our church about why they are Owners.

When you commit to being an Owner at XRC, you are committing to fulfilling the 5Gs. You are committing to growing personally, attending a small group, serving on Sunday mornings, giving generously, and sharing Jesus with others. If you are ready to make this commitment, then you can click on the "Own It" banner at the top to fill out your Owner Commitment Card. We can't wait to journey with you!