January 2020 Update

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation both within our church family as well as the surrounding community. Due to the increasing numbers of infection around us, we have decided to implement mandatory masks for all staff and volunteers at XRC. All volunteers- kids, media booth, guest services, and worship team- will be wearing masks upon entering the building. The worship team will be permitted to remove their masks while on stage. And once volunteers are seated for service, they can remove their masks if they would like. We would also strongly encourage everyone attending service to wear a mask while entering, finding their seats, and exiting. We are continuing to perform COVID screenings, including temperature checks, on all volunteers each Sunday. And we are also continuing to sanitize after each service and have the church professionally cleaned each week. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 

September 2020 Update


We are ready, now, for our XRC Kids to come back in the building. We have been working hard, especially Ms Brittany, to make sure XRC Kids is a safe place for your kids to return too. Ms Brittany used her experiences with YMCA camp over the summer and as an employee of the school system to apply best practices here in the building. As of September 6, 2020, we are reopening our toddler nursery, Jr Kids (preschool) and XRC Kids (K-5). For now, our baby nursery will remain closed. If you have a baby who doesn't yet walk, they can join you in the sanctuary. We also have a mother's room that you are welcome to use.

All of our volunteers, in addition to the previously required background check, are also having their temperatures checked and completing a COVID screener before serving. We are requiring all volunteers to wear masks while serving with our children. 

You can download the KidCheck app onto your smart phone and log in using the same information that you use to check your child in here at XRC. Then on Sunday mornings, you can check your child(ren) in before arriving at church. Once you arrive, we will already have your stickers printed! We will check temperatures of each child and ask them a couple screener questions as well. Then our volunteers will escort them to class. To limit the number of people that we have in the classrooms, we ask that you do not walk your child to class. After service, you can return to the check-in area with your parent slip and we will bring your child up for you.

Our toddler and preschool classrooms don't have a ton of changes. Following CDC recommended guidelines, social distancing/limited numbers are not required at these ages. We are changing snacks to ensure that everyone snacks at the same time and all snacks will be prepackaged. 

In XRC Kids, we have moved out the chairs and many of the toys and now we will be having a block party for our kids! Each child, upon arriving, will choose what kind of activity they want to play with. They'll get that activity and then they'll get to choose their own block for the day. It's their personal block party! We will be changing up how things work a little in there, but Ms Brittany and her team will continue to make it a fantastic experience. 

If you have any questions about XRC Kids ministry, please reach out to Ms Brittany - bjohnson@myxrc.com


For the time being, we will be combining middle school and high school for XRC Youth! Youth will begin meeting again on Sunday, September 13. Group will meet 4:00-5:00 here at XRC. Temperatures will be taken for each student upon arrival. Pastor Nathan & Mrs Faith are so excited to have you back again. Please reach out to Pastor Nathan for questions- nmason@myxrc.com

July 9, 2020 Update

Dear Church Family-

We are so excited that the time has finally arrived for us to meet together again in person. It has been a long 16 weeks, but our staff has been working hard to make the church a place where you can feel safe to worship. We are looking forward to having you back this week!

Church will start at 10:30 on Sunday morning (July 12). We do ask you to plan to arrive a little earlier. We will start seating at 10:15. The process will take a little longer, so try to arrive earlier. Once you arrive, we will have each adult get a wristband. There are three colors, and each color represents a comfort level when it comes to social distancing- red means you are social distancing; yellow means you are comfortable talking with others, but want some distance; green means you are comfortable with hugging and high fives. We ask that you choose the bracelet that shows your comfort level. We want you to keep this bracelet from week to week. Keep it in your car each week, or wear it and use it as a prayer bracelet. The bracelets will help us all know how everyone feels and will help with seating in the sanctuary.

When you arrive at church, you will notice that the sanctuary seating is different. We have rearranged the chairs in the sanctuary in order to allow for social distancing. The chairs are arranged in sets of 2, 3, 4, and 5. We ask that you allow our host team to seat you. When you get to the sanctuary, the hosts will ask how many people are in your group, and then we will sit you in a row with the correct number of seats. 

We also want to remind you that we are not having children’s ministry yet. If you come back and have children who are in 5th grade or younger, we will ask that you and your kids sit together in the Kids Church room or the annex. As part of the major renovations we have been doing over the last few months, the service will live stream into both of these rooms. We will begin uploading our weekly kids church services on Sunday mornings as well. So if you would like to bring a device with headphones for your child to watch their service, we encourage you to do that. 

As we make this transition back to in-person services, we want to ask a few things of you.

1. Please continue to be patient with us. None of us have done this before; we have never led a church through a pandemic. Please be patient with our volunteers. They are doing what they have been asked to do by the leadership. We greatly appreciate your patience as we go forward.

2. If you or anyone in your household have any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you stay home. We will continue to have our services live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and our website. 

3. Please know that if you are not comfortable coming back to church yet, we completely understand and we respect that. We know that some members of our church body are higher risk and are not yet comfortable returning to church. We respect that. We will welcome you back when you are ready.

4. We want to encourage you to continue giving online. We will have an opportunity for you to give in person, but we do encourage you to give online through our website. Soon, we will also have an app that you can use to give. 

Again, we are so excited to see you on Sunday if you are ready to come back.

May 22, 2019 Update

Dear XRC Family and Friends,

Over the last ten weeks, we all have experienced life in a way that we never planned for or imagined.  The challenge of Covid-19, has forced many businesses, organizations and churches to change their normal routines to provide safe environments for people. 


On March 15th, XRC went from a campus driven ministry to an online only driven ministry immediately.   We were quickly reminded that the CHURCH is more than a gathering.  The church is a movement of God, and movements continue to impact their surroundings regardless of obstacles and changes to life.   During this time, we have impacted thousands of people weekly with the Gospel through our Online Worship Experience.  Many of those have professed commitments to Jesus, shared the message and financially supported XRC.


There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.  The information and understanding seems to be like a moving target.  One thing we do know, it has affected many families during this time.  We continue to pray for those affected, have lost loved ones and are working on the front lines of this pandemic.   So, the big question we are all wrestling with is how do we navigate the waters of COVID-19 now and in the future months to come? 


As a church we are taking advice and heeding the recommendations from many organizations: North Carolina Assemblies of God, Center for Disease Control, Brotherhood Insurance Group and NC Governor’s Office.  In addition, our staff, executive team and elders have all been praying, communicating and planning to decide what is best for XRC.  As always, our main focus is to keep our families healthy physically and spiritually.


There is a lot to consider upon resuming services on campus: cleaning, social distancing, COVID-19 tracking and many others.  We do not want to make hasty decisions and not be as prepared as we can be for your return.   Proverbs 21: 5 says “ The plans of the diligent lead to advantage but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty.”   Our goal is to be able to have campus services that will allow people to not only connect with God but also feel secure about COVID-19 preventives.   With that in mind, below is what we are doing to provide on-line services and prepare for live on-campus return.


Enhancing the online experience: 

Our worship and media teams have adapted and worked diligently to provide the best worship experience that we can with our current technology and resources.  Without their extra effort and commitment this would not have been possible. We have good infrastructure currently for online production, including that you can now watch XRC service on Facebook, You Tube and directly from our website at www.myxrc.com.  


In addition, we have been actively researching the level of technology required and production planning that is needed to provide the best online experience that reflects the excellence of XRC.  In response, our executive team has officially approved the purchase of a new production system that includes cameras and streaming capabilities for online as well as throughout our campus.  This will enable us to stream to multiple locations on campus to provide social distancing and a top-level experience online.


Small Group Relaunch:  

According to current guidelines, small gatherings are approved, and we believe God designed us to do life together. Therefore, we are encouraging our small groups to relaunch beginning June 1st. 


This relaunch will depend on the comfortability of the hosts and leaders.  Please do not feel pressured to attend or host your small group if that is what you believe is best for you.  If you do meet, we do ask that our groups continue to use wisdom regarding contact, cleaning and precautions for COVID-19.  If you are not currently in a small group and would like to be connected to a small group, please contact Meghann at meghann@myxrc.com.


Cleaning and Sanitizing XRC:

In anticipation of a full return in the future we will continue to have XRC cleaned routinely, increase our sanitation levels where needed, and anticipate providing necessary supplies to provide a clean environment during services for all of our volunteers and church body.


We want to thank you for all your prayers, support and commitment to XRC.  As you can imagine, maintaining this on-line experience, continuing the expenses of the operations of our church building, and appropriately paying our staff to provide for their families, has truly been possible due to the unity with our faithful tithers.  Through this faithfulness of the Lord and your families, our church has thrived during this time.  I want to encourage you to give online at www.myxrc.com in order to allow us to maintain the message of the hope of Jesus each Sunday directly into your living rooms.


We will continue to provide updates in regard to live on-campus service and all our plans for your return in the next coming weeks.  Please continue to be part of our online experience and don’t forget to hit the share button so others can feel the impact Jesus can have on our community.  


Above all, let us put our faith and trust in Jesus during this time.  Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”


Forever Changed,

Pastor Michael Tabor